Family Race Car

This is our race car. A 1972 Datsun Deluxe 3/4 chassis modified compact with Mazda 13B Turbo Alcohol Powerplant. The Lopez Connection has been part of the Puerto Rico drag racing scene as far back as the early 80s.  Started out aspirated running in the high 13 seconds down the 1/4 mile, now with the turbocharged engine the car is part of the “Low 7sec. Club” at over 180mph.

Este es nuestro auto de carreras. Un Datsun Delux del 1972, 3/4 chassis modified compact con motor Mazda 13B Turbo Alcohol. El Lopez Connection lleva en la escena del drag en Puerto Rico desde los años 80. Comenzamos con motor aspirado corriendo el 1/4 de milla en 13 segundos, ahora el auto es turbo alcohol y forma parte del prestigioso club de los bajos 7 segundos a sobre 180mph.

ATCO Panamerican Nationals 2014

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